Creosote Rail Fencing

May 22, 2013 by

Rail fences made from creosote material have become common over the last ten years. They are particularly popular with acreage lots and rural settings. With dimensional lumber made from telephone poles, a long lasting and sturdy fence can be constructed. Some details to consider are fence height, pet containment, stain, and gates.

The most popular height of ranch fence is 4’ tall and utilizes three cross rails. Alternatively, for those who need greater height, a 5’ tall fence with four cross rails is recommended. This is often the case if the fence is serving as the barrier to a swimming pool and the city requirements for minimum fence height is 4’ for a pool. Requirements vary per city, so if you have a pool, check with your city building officials.

If you want to keep pets in and other animals out of your yard, you should consider installing 2”x4” no climb horsewire on the fence. This heavy wire is very durable and will give years of service. Welded wire is not recommended because it is much lighter and cannot stand up to the wear and tear of a grass trimmer striking it. If your particular application allows for the wire to not be exposed to trimmers, welded wire will be more economical than horsewire.

A semi-transparent stain applied to a creosote ranch fence will give it a rich brown or cedar appearance. The stain will need to be applied every two to three years to keep that look. If you do not apply stain, the fence will turn gray. Whether you stain or not is mainly just a personal and esthetic decision. Stained or not, a creosote fence will last many years.

Gates for ranch fences are hard to build from the horizontal rails. The framework is not as solid as a privacy type fence, and they tend to have problems with movement and adjustment. A good choice for gates with creosote ranch fencing is ornamental iron gates. They are light weight but sturdy and provide an attractive look with the ranch fence.

Creosote ranch fences provide a long term and attractive solution to those who want to enclose an area and keep the rural feel of their property.